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English Mountain Construction Company LLC, was established in July 2017, by Seth Ewing, in Morristown, Tennessee. Before establishing the company, Ewing worked for a construction company with projects that took him to job sites all over the southeast. Ewing also provided background on his personal construction experience totaling more than 10 years.

Because of a plant supervisor who gave him the opportunity he needed to get his name out there. With a number of successful projects now in the company records, as a result, Ewing has now expanded!

Seth Ewing

Seth Ewing

Founder, CEO

“I am an organized and driven professional with more than ten years experience in the industrial construction & maintenance industry. English Mountain Construction, LLC was established in July 2017. I run my business with integrity & ambition with a proven history of exceeding goals and achieving outstanding work as well as high client satisfaction.”

Therefore, Seth Ewing, CEO of English Mountain Construction LLC, saw an opportunity to expand his business that provides industrial construction and maintenance into the city limits by way of the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce.

Several members of his family recently joined Ewing to host a ribbon cutting in the boardroom of the Morristown Chamber office building.

The ribbon cutting was co-hosted by Chris Horn, Chamber chairman, and Pat Seaver, Chamber director of sales and marketing.

“We’re delighted to celebrate. I think we’re starting to dull the scissors, Pat. I think it’s a good sign that the economy is doing well,” Horn said.

“We’ll do anything from metal stairways to mezzanine decks to concrete. There’s a broad spectrum of construction, and we try to bundle it up. The supervisor that needs this project was done over here and some work done over there, he can call one man. And that means his job is easier,” Ewing said. “So that supervisor is going to go with the company that can make his job easier, especially if that company does good work.”

In the meantime, Ewing and Horn tag-teamed a bit, exhibiting their similar senses of humor.

“I noticed if you take the first three words of the company name, you get EMC; I don’t know if there’s any Einstein there,” Horn said, to start things off.

“There is a little bit,” Ewing responded.